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CROWHURST The station makes Crowhurst an extremely sought-after village. The electrification of the line was followed by an influx of buyers from outside the area (two-thirds of people looking for property at that time were from London). You can now expect to pay £180,000 for a two-bedroom Victorian cottage; anything from £400,000 to £1m for an older detached house. As you come down the hill from Bexhill you see the remains of the old medieval manor house next to the Norman Church. There are some lovely tile-hung houses and the oldest yew tree in the county – it may have been here to welcome William the Conqueror. The Plough Inn runs an annual pumpkin show, providing plantlets to people on a specific date so that all the competitors start level. The village has a post office, a primary school, clubs, sports groups including tennis and cricket, a horticultural society and a busy drama group. Tesco at Hollington sends a bus to the village each week, and there is a shopping and recreational complex at Glyne Gap, between Bexhill and Hastings. There is also a farmers’ market in the village on the first Saturday of the month.

Local knowledge: Crowhurst has often been voted best-kept village, though the judges have criticised it for the clods of mud left by the herds of cows that plod through for morning and evening milking.
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