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WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA is a dignified old Victorian lady of a town that is failing to fend off the encroaching seaside tat. Sadly, her densely layered streets of 19th-century houses, many of them now converted into flats, tend to be jammed with cars that can’t find anywhere to park. She has a more cosmopolitan air these days, thanks to her appeal to asylum seekers. Average prices of flats range from around £95,000 for one bedroom to £125,000 for two, and up to £400,000 for something along the front. The Cliff Gardens run all the way along the cliffs to Southend.

Good for: Victorian seaside grace, brilliant schools.
Average Property Prices for Westcliff-on-sea
Average Home Values for Westcliff-on-sea
Council Tax Charge Bands for Westcliff-on-sea
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Population Breakdown for Westcliff-on-sea

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