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Goring & Streatley

GORING & STREATLEY sandwich the Thames between them. Both are expensive and pretty, with enough shops to make life manageable. A Victorian semi with three bedrooms will cost £350,000 upwards. Streatley doesn’t have the frill of modern housing on its outskirts that Goring has, and it has the Swan on the towpath, which is a seductive hotel.

Average Property Prices for Goring & Streatley
Average Home Values for Goring & Streatley
Council Tax Charge Bands for Goring & Streatley
School Performance for Goring & Streatley
Crime Rates for Goring & Streatley
Population Breakdown for Goring & Streatley

Property information powered by ZooplaThe information provided in these graphs relates to the area postcode RG8, where the station (Goring & Streatley) is located.
While this information is updated regularly, it should be used only as a guide - we are not responsible for any eventualities relating to this data.

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