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LISS is sliced in two by the railway and River Rother. It is very mixed and not greatly sought after, though it does provide a good range of houses. One-bedroom modern flats start at £95,000. Two-bedroom Victorian terraces cost from £210,000; three-bedroom modern detached houses £300,000. There are some large Victorian properties in the more popular Liss Forest area, where a four-bedroom house will cost £400,000 or more. On the outskirts, four- or five-bedroom period houses with a few acres start around £750,000.

Four miles north-west is Selborne – an idyllically pretty village slightly handicapped by a main street too narrow for the volume of traffic. The house of the 18th-century naturalist Gilbert White is an attraction to tourists, as are the beech hanger and meadows (now owned by the National Trust), which he described in his classic book Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne in 1789. It also contains an exhibition dedicated to Captain Oates, companion to Captain Scott on his ill-fated expedition to the Antarctic, and his family. The High Street is lined with picturesque brick-and-limestone cottages, some thatched, some early Victorian, though it turns into a line of slow-moving traffic at peak hours, controlled by traffic-calming bumps and pinch points. A small, late 19th-century stone cottage here will sell for around £300,000. A four-bedroom cottage on the hillside, with large grounds and lovely views, could fetch £800,000. There is a small amount of modern housing; the price for four bedrooms and a double garage is around £375,000.

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Property information powered by ZooplaThe information provided in these graphs relates to the area postcode GU33, where the station (Liss) is located.
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