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London Charing Cross > Hastings > Robertsbridge


ROBERTSBRIDGE Considering the prettiness of the countryside that surrounds it, Robertsbridge is surprisingly unprosperous. There is no major town or city centre close enough to attract regular commuters, and those who come here tend to want escape. Hastings, it has to be said, does not offer bright lights. Robertsbridge’s lovely village high street has been relieved of through-traffic by a bypass. It has a sub-post office, part-time bank, butcher, chemist, greengrocer, general store and two hairdressers. A farmers’ market is held here once a month. The modern village hall hosts regular meetings of the archaeological society, playgroups and dancing classes. There is also football, stoolball for women and cricket. The Gray-Nicholls factory makes bats out of locally-grown willow (and also the round wooden bats for Sussex stoolball). A three-bedroom cottage will cost £200,000 to £250,000; a three-bedroom modern house, £250,000; a larger country house with extensive grounds, £600,000 to £700,000. A five-bedroom period house, with 10 acres, tennis courts, swimming pool and an annexe, would have a price tag of £3.5m.

Local knowledge: the village’s most famous resident was the late thinker and journalist Malcolm Muggeridge.
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