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Rail Data Notes

Rail Data Notes

Journey time

The time taken by the fastest train to London in a normal off-peak hour.

Peak trains

The number of through trains per hour to London in a two-hour period measured roughly between 7.30 and 9.30 in the morning. Where there is a significant advantage in changing en route, either to increase the frequency of cut down the journey time, this is mentioned.

Season tickets

  • Season ticket prices quoted are Standard Class annuals. The weekly season price (any seven consecutive days) can be found by dividing the annual by 40; the monthly season price (valid for a calendar moth and starting any day) by dividing the annual by 10.41.
  • First Class seasons are 60% more than Standard out of Liverpool Street, Kings Cross and St Pancras International into Essex, East Anglia and towards Bedford and Cambridge; 70% more on inter-city services to Peterborough, Wellingborough and beyond and on services out of Waterloo; and 100% more out of Paddington to Reading and beyond. In all other cases they are 50% more.
  • Travelcards are available, adding all trains, tubes, light railways, trams and buses in Greater London. These are in the order of £650 extra per annum (or £1,000 for First Class), but vary from line to line and can be a lot cheaper.
  • Any annual season or Travelcard is automatically a Gold Card and offers users a 34% discount on off-peak fares for any journey in London and the South East.

Rail maps

The maps are schematic diagrams only and are not drawn to scale.