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High Brooms

HIGH BROOMS is the industrial face of Tunbridge Wells, dominated by out-of-town retail stores. It consists of a steep hill lined with streets of Victorian terraces, mainly built in brick from the old Tunbridge Wells brick company, whose workers lived here. It is within reach of the more elegant part of town, but property prices are low enough to attract young commuters. A two-bedroom terraced house will cost around £180,000; a three-bedroom semi around £220,000. On the eastern side are Sherwood Park and Home Farm, two areas where new housing estates burgeoned during the Eighties. A two-bedroom flat here will cost £160,000; four bedrooms £300,000.

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London terminal: Charing Cross
Journey time: 52 mins
Season ticket: £3220
Peak trains: 3 per hour plus 3 per hour to Cannon Street
Off-peak trains: 2 per hour