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Counties > Berkshire > Winnersh & Winnersh Triangle

Winnersh & Winnersh Triangle

WINNERSH and WINNERSH TRIANGLE Winnersh has been built on old Windsor Great Forest land, starting in the Twenties and gathering pace in the last three decades. There is a supermarket, a large health club and DIY store for Sunday Black & Decker fiends. The arrival of a 12-screen cinema upset older villagers, who described it as ‘a warhorse with neon signs’. The Winnersh Triangle sounds dangerously exotic, but it is not a place where boats disappear without trace – rather it’s a large business centre. Traffic-hum from the A329M and M4 is a constant reminder of the quality of the road communications.

The most famous former resident of Winnersh was John Walter II, son of the founder of The Times. He built a Georgian mansion called Bearwood, which his son replaced with the present mansion, now a boys’ private school. Walter also built the ‘model’ estate of Sindlesham with its church, pub, school, dower house, cottages, farm and now a golf course. The rhododendron drive which he planted to the next village of Barkham largely survives, though it has been hacked about a bit by new development. The model estate itself is now part of Winnersh and rather swamped, but Sindlesham manages to charm. Along the Reading Road are some good-value late Sixties’ and Seventies’ houses. The village is generally cheaper than Wokingham. A three-bedroom terraced house would cost £225,000. There are also some half-timbered houses.

To the north lies Hurst, a ‘proper’ village with a duck pond and green, much the nicest on this side of Reading, although skirted by the M4 it can suffer from traffic noise. It has a shop and a butcher, a post office, a primary school and a strong cricket club. The most desirable four-bedroom cottages here sell for £550,000 to £600,000, but there are cheaper properties, too.

Good for: M4, and proximity to Reading.
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