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Tilbury Town

TILBURY TOWN Tilbury itself bears all the warts and eyesores that the 20th century could have thrown at it. When the ships coming up the Thames got so big that they couldn’t squeeze up to London any more, Tilbury developed a dock complex so huge that it can be seen for miles around. Housing is very council-orientated and cheap. Many former council tenants have bought their properties and an ex-council house with three bedrooms now costs around £125,000. Tilbury Riverside burgeoned on the back of the boat-trains to Europe in the 1850s, but it long ago lost its station and now the only ferry that ploughs in and out is for Gravesend.

Good for: cheaper house prices.

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East TilburyGravesendGraysMeopham
London terminal: Fenchurch St
Journey time: 41 mins
Season ticket: £1824
Peak trains: 5 per hour
Off-peak trains: 2 per hour