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WICKFORD People who live in Wickford consider themselves superior to those who live in Basildon, but inferior to those from Rayleigh. Commuters pour in from the Dengie peninsula to catch the fast trains here, rather than take the slower service on the Southminster branch line. Some of the trains stop at Stratford, where people can switch painlessly to the London Underground or Docklands Light Railway. The town is a tumour of Sixties’ estates built on to the village of Shotgate, with green belt on three sides. You could spend £215,000 on a new three-bedroom semi, or well over £230,000 on a house with four bedrooms. Housing estates are popular. On the Wick housing development a whole new settlement has emerged with houses selling from £155,000 for two bedrooms to £210,000 for two to three bedrooms.

Good for: cheaper house prices, atmospheric coastline and good schools nearby.

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London terminal: Liverpool St
Journey time: 36 mins
Season ticket: £2820
Peak trains: 7 per hour
Off-peak trains: 3 per hour

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