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BEDHAMPTON is, with Denvilles and Warblington (see above), one of the main residential areas of Havant. It was developed in the Fifties as a series of bungalow estates where something with three bedrooms will now cost £230,000 to £260,000. There are three-bedroom semis for around £220,000 and detached houses for £250,000.

Housing developments cling on to Havant for several miles around, and to the north they don’t let go until you get beyond Clanfield. Within this built-up area are former villages such as Cowplain, where there are well-worn estates and bungalows. A three-bedroom detached house or bungalow on a Sixties’ development might cost £200,000 to £215,000. Denmead village proper is highly sought-after. It has shops, pubs and a village green. A late 1880’s cottage with three bedrooms and a bit of land could fetch £325,000. There are also plenty of small new developments, popular with young families because of the local school. Prices are higher than those in Waterlooville.

Waterlooville is an established town, around 80 per cent of which was built during the last two to three decades. Off Tempest Avenue, which runs from one end to the other, is a run of cul-de-sacs with mixed housing in each. A studio apartment will cost £65,000, a three-bedroom semi from £155,000, and a four-bedroom detached house £250,000. To the south of Waterlooville is Purbrook, where bungalows have crept between the 19th century houses. A two-bedroom bungalow will cost £190,000, a four- to five- bedroom detached house in The Brow will cost £350,000 to £400,000. There is a well-regarded Roman Catholic secondary school which attracts families.

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