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Virginia Water

VIRGINIA WATER Brushed by the M25, Virginia Water has seen two enormous new developments in recent years: Virginia Park and St Anne’s Park. They are both super-luxurious gated estates, each with a communal pool, gym, Jacuzzi and tennis courts to suit the new rich. Their very presence has pushed prices up. A two-bedroom flat here will cost £350,000 (compared to £225,000 in the village). A five-bedroom detached house with a double garage will cost upwards of £1m. The grand estate lifestyle all began with the Wentworth Estate, built around the famous golf course by a speculative developer named Tarrant in the Twenties. Celebrities flourish in its prosperous atmosphere – the pantheon of names has included Russ Abbott, Bruce Forsyth, Nanette Newman and Bryan Forbes. A five-bedroom family house on the Wentworth Estate will start at £3m and can easily reach £10m. Similar houses in half an acre in Lower Wentworth, which does not overlook the golf course, will fetch £2m. The atmosphere is quiet and rural – the first breath of real countryside outside London – but there is little sign of rural hardship. There are two parades of specialist shops, boutiques, a delicatessen and several excellent preparatory schools. Less expensive houses are few in number. For a two-bedroom Sixties’ semi you would pay around £290,000 – which represents a small premium over the next most prestigious area, Sunningdale.

Good for: M3, M25, and the Wentworth Estate which attracts the super rich.
Local knowledge: the stretch of water that gives the area its name is a great ornamental lake created in the 18th century by the Duke of Cumberland. He also built the nearby Fort Belvedere, later the home of Edward VIII where the abdication was signed.

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London terminal: Waterloo
Journey time: 45 mins
Season ticket: £2280
Peak trains: 5 per hour
Off-peak trains: 4 per hour

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