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Whittlesford Parkway

WHITTLESFORD PARKWAY, ideally situated close to Cambridge and the M11, is quite a sizeable village and prices can be higher than neighbouring Duxford. Most people know Duxford for its airfield (well to the west), which houses part of the collection of the Imperial War Museum. In addition to the permanent display of historic aircraft there are flying displays and pleasure flights in the summer. There are some nice old pubs and some thatched cottages, though these have been rather swamped by the new estates and bungalows. A two-bedroom detached bungalow will cost around £210,000; a three-bedroom detached house £235,000.

Sawston has an image-problem caused by the large council estates by which it is surrounded, and the fact that it is being expanded to meet Cambridgeshire’s ever-growing housing needs. What draws many people to it is the presence of a Cambridge Village College (see Comberton on the Cambridge page). Small one-bedroom houses cost around £160,000; three-bedroom semis £200,000; new three- and four-bedroom houses £270,000.

Good for: Cambridge commuter belt.
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