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Thorpe Bay

THORPE BAY is the most expensive part of Southend, and even those who live on the fringe-of-the-fringe say they live there. Detached houses with four to five bedrooms, built early this century, sell for £475,000 to £600,000. Those on the sea front might go for anything up to £1 million. The private golf club and Conservative politics feature large on the social circuit, which is fuelled with new money and is anxious to dissociate itself from anything too downmarket. There is a wine bar, but no pub. The place excites envy in its neighbours, as described by one local cricketer with typical Essex bluntness. ‘When you played against Thorpe Bay, you bowled at the batsman, not the wicket.’

Good for: being the smart part of Southend, with good schools, a local airport and sea walks.
London terminal: Fenchurch St
Journey time: 60 mins
Season ticket: £2820
Peak trains: 8 per hour
Off-peak trains: 4 per hour