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ALDERSHOT is an army town with a pretty rough feel to it at night. There are 10,000 soldiers and their families. The good thing is that it has terrific sports facilities, including games pitches, gymnastics academy, ski slope and an Olympic-sized swimming pool and as a result has been chosen as the preparation camp for Team GB for the 2012 London Olympics. Victorian terraces went up in Aldershot like mushrooms in a cow pasture. You can buy a two-bedroom terraced house for around £180,000. In the nearby dormitory of Fleet, the same house would cost £10,000 more. Aldershot’s terraces are surrounded by army married quarters, built in the Thirties and Sixties. Prices rise a little on the Farnham side of town, where a three-bedroom detached house will cost around £350,000. New growth is planned on huge swags of ex-army land.

Good for: M3.
Local knowledge: the preparation camp for team GB for the 2012 London Olympics will be here.

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London terminal: Waterloo
Journey time: 51 mins
Season ticket: £2940
Peak trains: 3 per hour
Off-peak trains: 2 per hour

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