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FARNBOROUGH It is socially advantageous to have some connection with flying if you live in Farnborough. This is where the Royal Aircraft Establishment was based, and where the Farnborough International Air show is held every other year. The airport has acted like a honeypot to attract aviation-focused businesses. The heart of the town has been ripped out to make way for a shopping centre and a good leisure centre. There are some small Victorian terraces where houses cost around £175,000 each. Further out, the housing is Sixties’ vintage: three-bedroom semis at £210,000; four-bedroom detached houses at between £280,000 and £300,000.

Good for: A31, M3, flying buffs.
Local knowledge: Farnborough airport is a honeypot which attracts aviation-related businesses.

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London terminal: Waterloo
Journey time: 36 mins
Season ticket: £2980
Peak trains: 4 per hour
Off-peak trains: 3 per hour

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