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CUFFLEY is prime commuter country, much of it built in stockbroker Tudor style on what was once a wooded hillside. Though the character of the houses is intensely suburban, the village is still surrounded by proper farmland. Some of the large bungalows in their ample gardens have had new houses squeezed in beside them. Others, most oddly, have been converted into houses by having extra storeys added on top. There is no council housing to speak of. Two-bedroom flats can be bought for around £170,000; three-bedroom semis around £325,000. In the Ridgeway, mansions backing on to woodland can cost well over £1m.

The village has a high proportion of commuters and elderly residents, and young families are moving in. The local residents and conservationists are a vociferous force, opposing the building of a golf course on nearby farmland a few years ago and, more recently, the opening of a branch of Tesco. The village has enough shops to provide practically two of everything. It also has its own primary school. Older children go to Potters Bar. Leisure activities include the Cuffley Players and an operatic society, plus a football club and bowls, a floral arts club, Brownies and Guides. There is a tennis club and public courts are available. Good schools are nearby in Barnet and St Albans.

Good for: keen commuters who need easy access to the M25.
Local knowledge: Cuffley residents have fought a long battle against Tesco and lost but are still vigorously campaigning to keep the rural nature of the area.
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